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As a business, we truly believe in the value of an internship. Our students really benefit from working with your company, and we this is why we endeavour to keep the links between us as strong as possible. This provides you with talented interns, and allows us to offer the best services to our students. We show our dedication and commitment to your business by listening and making sure that we’re providing interns that address important and critical business requirements. Our consultants are highly experienced, professional, and proficient in finding the right intern for your business and requirements.

Why Choose Us?

  •  We provide the full 360 degree recruitment service, from sourcing students and CVs, to organising interviews and follow up care services with you and the intern(s).
  • We have access to the increasingly competitive graduate market. Greater access to this talented pool of students across UK based universities ensures that your company receives the best interns. We achieve this through our established networks and partnerships.
  • Our company offers a great choice and flexibility when hiring interns, including our unique ‘Share an Internship’ option.
  • You’re given ongoing news and updates about the higher education sector in the UK. 
  • There are no upfront fees.
  • A range of payment options are available, including reduced monthly subscription pay arrangements. 
  • We’re an ethical and customer-centric business. We always aim for a win-win outcome.

What We Do?

  • We provide a consultative approach, with a dedicated account manager. Where required, we’re also able to offer a discrete recruitment service when hiring student interns.
  • We work with you to prepare your internship job description.
  • You’re able to utilise our network of universities and colleges, both online and offline, to source suitable candidates.
  • Our social media channels are able to advertise your vacancies on
    student job boards.
  • The consultants at our company sift and shortlist CVs to find the best candidates
  • We offer ongoing communication through to the final appointment of your intern.
  • We’re also able to assist you with essential HR guidance wherever necessary. This is especially important when recruiting international students.

Benefits of a Shared Internship

  • You get to have two new staff members to work on key projects, two sets
    of talent to engage over a specific duration of time, an increase in your
    creative talent pool, a breath of fresh air, and added enthusiasm into your
  • It saves money, as your overall cost of hiring two interns costs
    considerably less. The money is typically saved in areas such as National
    Insurance contributions.
  • You’re better prepared for good and tough times by building the future
    pipeline of talented staff.
  • They help to bolster your competitiveness through increased diversity
    of talent and applications. This is great, as more and more people seek a
    better work/ life balance. 
  • By harnessing the skills of more interns, your business is able to
    become much more innovative. Using their skills and experience you’re able to develop better solutions for your clients. 
  • It’s easier to cover sickness and holidays, giving you better ongoing
    cover and continuity.
  • When interns have a better work/ life balance, they’re shown to work
    much more effectively. This is due to less stress and an increase in work
    satisfaction, as well as increased motivation, commitment, and generally happy team members.

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