About Shareternships

At Shareternships, we’re specialists in securing internships for the brightest students and graduates in the UK. Our team has been doing this for more than 20 years, and our experience covers a great range of sectors. As a business, Shareternships has been active for more than five years, and in that time we’ve helped countless young people find their perfect placements. Our revolutionary shared internships give you the experience you need in the flexible way your studies require. With excellent contacts, a passion for work, and great experience, we’re the obvious choice, so contact us today.

What We Offer

In short, our team is able to offer the best service to students and companies. For students, we provide great opportunities to get experience in your chosen field, while companies get the brightest talent in the UK working in their company. The sectors we cover include accounting and finance, business, catering, and marketing. There’s something for everyone, so apply today.

Our Revolutionary Shared Internship

The idea of a shared internship is simple, yet incredibly effective. Students who take part in this arrangement get the experience required to learn, as well as time to study. Other benefits include:

  • Balance for Other Work/ Life Duties While Completing an Internship i.e. Study or Volunteering
  • Opportunity for Peer to Peer Working, Sharing, and Skill Improvement from fellow Colleagues While Having Business Responsibilities
  • Develop Essential Practical Skills and Knowledge of business Practices and Systems
  • Build Your Confidence, Communication, and Key Soft Skills for the Business World
  • Stand out from the Competition with ‘Real-World’ Industry Work Experience
  • Enhance Your Network of Contacts and References for Future Job Roles
  • Gain Clarity with Your Career Aspirations

The companies taking on students get at least two excellent interns, both ready to impress. This adds fresh ideas to the business, as well as providing a range of other benefits.

How Shared Internships Work

  • Complete Our Registration For

              1) Indicate Whether You’re Interested in a Job Share Placement

  • Attach Your CV
  • Wait for a Shareternships Consultant to Get in Touch

Your Shareternships consultant supports you through the process, offering a complete service to suit your specific requirements.

Our Goal

Shareternships is about recognising the ‘Sharing Age’ revolution. This movement is having an impact on the way we all communicate and do business today, and we believe that it’s here for the long term. Due to our beliefs, we’re striving to provide solutions that resonate with the sharing age ethos and values. We seek to form collaborative partnerships in which we’re able to share win-win situations with many within our network, including our students, employers, and educators.

Our Story

Our business has been formed as there is a growing need to widen the opportunity for all students. This grows and becomes ever more important in our evolving and diverse communities, and we believe that one of the ways that we can accomplish our mission is through the Shareternships model. This promotes ‘job sharing’, a long and established flexible working arrangement that has been successfully used by organisations in the UK and elsewhere around the world. It diversifies the workplace talent pool, while also supporting businesses with their preparedness for challenges in the future.

Our Values

As a business, we believe in strong ethics and the belief in doing what’s best for society. The values below are not conclusive, and merely give an insight into who were are as a business:

  • Customer-Focused
  • Teamwork
  • Quality
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Personal Development


Our mission is to increase industry-related work experience opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds studying higher education degrees.


Our vision is to be a market-leading internship provider, specialising in placing students into temporary, part-time, and flexible paid internships.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business we support company-nominated charities every year. In addition, each team member has the opportunity to volunteer for their own chosen charity for one day in a year, with full pay. We’re passionate about volunteering and keen to encourage both our own staff and stakeholders as appropriate.

The Stats

Between 50,000 and 70,000

This is the number of internships that are offered annually (according to Sutton Trust research). Many of these are unpaid.

Around 300,000

This is the approximate number of students that graduate from university each year in the UK. Around one in five of these students find full-time work at a company where they’ve had previous work experience.

Our internships are a great way to work on raising this statistic. Many employers see them as essential learning experiences, and our shared internships are perfect for going alongside your studies.

Graduate jobs are becoming more and more competitive, so getting help from us may just give you the edge. Boost your employability when you choose us! Simply let us know what sort of internship you’re interested in, and we’ll strive to find something perfect for you.

Our Student Guarantee

  •  No Fee is Charged for Placing You into an Internship Placement
  • There’s No Obligation for You to Accept a Placement
  • We Work with You to Find the Best Solution for You
  • You Details Aren’t Shared with Anyone Else without Your Consent
  • We Provide an Ethical Service at All Times
  • All CVs Receive a Response within 48 Hours
  • You’ll Only Be Offered Paid Internships

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In general, business immediately benefit from hiring student interns through the Shareternships model. It enables you to employ interns to share the workload or project being worked on. This flexible approach is tailored to your business, allowing you to hire an intern on demand, providing you with an arrangement that is suitable for you as a business as well as the student who is often seeking a more flexible internship arrangement.


Our desire is to work with as many types of employers as possible. We believe that educators provide students and professionals with an important element in their lifelong learning journey, an environment that is rich in diversity of people, experiences, and knowledge. We are also keen to engage educators and similar organisations looking to provide their students with access to industry work experience opportunities. To do this, we work with learners and students aged 18 years old or older.

Call us today to find out more about our internships.